7th Grade

Tad Christopher
Tad Christopher
(408) 779-9950 ext. 113

I received a BS in recreation at San Jose State University. After college I signed on to the Americorps, Nevada branch, organization for a time. After completing the program, I worked in the field of agriculture for a number of years. Due to inadequate amounts of human contact, I decided to go back to school to get my credentials.

I consider myself a renaissance man, having delved into most know spheres of interest. My interests are wide spread: arts, science, surfing, video games, media, politics, psychology, health, anatomy, model building, motorcycles and more. I try to bring this wealth of unique unique experiences into the classroom in order to inspire students of equally unique interests.

I am new to the profession of teaching. Science has been a passion of mine since youth and I will endeavour to pass that enthusiasm onto those I teach; however, enthusiasm still comes with challenges and mistakes. I hope we can make those mistakes together, learn, and grow from each one.

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