Alumni Updates

Alumni Updates
St. Catherine School Annual Report
October 2016
Nathan Seifert

Nathan Seifert St. Catherine Alum ‘06

Nathan graduated from Live Oak High School in ’10 and was accepted into CSU, Chico and he will graduate in December with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. According to Nathan, “My experience at St. Catherine’s was great, I made a lot of great relationships with my classmates and teachers as well. I think St. Catherine’s taught me a lot of good values such as taking pride in what I do and how to succeed in every aspect of life. Being a student there taught me a lot of morals that still hold true in me today. Also, respecting others and just being the best man I can be. I know my parents had a whole lot to do with my upbringing and who I am today, but I also think if I hadn’t gone to St. Catherine I don’t think I would be who I am today.”

Emily Lamontagne St. Catherine Alum ‘12

Emily is currently a senior in high school at Live Oak. Emily states, “St. Catherine school has prepared me to handle the amount of homework and also prepared me to follow my faith through all opposition”. She will be leaving on June 15 for Arizona to train in the Army. After her year and a half training program, she plans on attending college for Biomedical Engineering.

Good Luck Emily!