Development Overview

St Catherine’s Development and Stewardship programs are focused on promoting the mission and vision of the school through activities and initiatives to support the current and future needs of the school.

There are many ways to support St. Catherine School, including the annual fund, planned giving, and matching gifts. If you are interested in contributing to St. Catherine’s development and stewardship programs, please contact Jeff Layne through the school at (408) 779-9950 or you may contribute online through the buttons below.

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Annual Appeal

Robotics Donation


Stewardship is a way of life–a journey in faith, hope and love. We are called to be good stewards of all the Creator’s gifts:  the air we breathe, the land which gives us sustenance, the streams that quench our thirst, and all life. We are also called to be stewards of the particular gifts God has given each of us:  our abilities, connections and resources.   We encourage all to share their gifts of your time, talent and treasure with God and our community.