Mrs. Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly
(408) 779-9950 ext. 110

Teacher’s Aide: Resource Aide

I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I attended Catholic grade school and became a die-hard Steelers fan! I majored in French at Northwestern University, and later earned my master’s degree in Special Education at the University of Pittsburgh. I taught in suburban Atlanta, and in a Department of Defense school in Heidelberg Germany. In addition, over the years I’ve taken specialized trainings in the Slingerland and Making Math Real programs.

I’ve taught for over 22 years, and have worked in the Diocese of San Jose since 1997. I developed the Learning Lab program at Holy Family School, and am delighted to be able to support the students of St. Catherine in our Resource Program.

In Resource, we work with students in all grade levels, but our first priority is the primary grades. Students who are struggling often benefit from one-on- one or small group specialized instruction. We use multi-sensory strategies and direct instruction techniques to remediate in the areas of (but not limited to) reading and spelling, We also work with students in the classroom, and otherwise assist teachers in meeting the academic needs of their students.