Summer Work

Summer is a great time to recharge and experience new adventures with family and friends. This summer, it is highly encouraged that your learner keep a summer journal and write about their adventures. This allows them to write about their experiences and practice their writing skills over the summer.

This year, instead of a required “summer packet”, we are highly recommending that your learner read and practice math facts using the provided information listed here. There is scientific research that proves that those learners who don’t read and practice math over the summer experience “summer loss”.

Click on the link for the suggested booklist. It is highly suggested that you read at least two recommended books entering into 4th grade.

Raz Kids is also another highly suggested tool to be using for the summer

For practicing math facts, Scootpad and Mathletics will be available with your usual login. Each learner has been assigned “summer practices” through Scootpad.

Click on the blue words to go directly to the link attached

Have a safe and happy summer!

~Mrs. Etie~