Tuition & Fees

TUITION & FEES FOR 2017-2018

Plan A
A practicing Catholic family, registered in the Parish, in which the child is baptized Catholic, registered in the Parish, attending Sunday Liturgy regularly, active in Parish Life, financially supporting the parish in a meaningful way, and fulfilling the 40 hour parent service by sharing time and talent with the Parish and School communities.
 Number of Children
Annual Cost
Monthly Cost
1 Child
$ 7,660.00
$ 766.00 (Aug-May)
2 Children
$1,420.00 (Aug-May)
3 Children
$1,960.00 (Aug-May)
4 Children
$2,400.00 (Aug-May)


Plan C
The child is not baptized Catholic and/or the family is not participating in the Parish asdescribed in Plan A.
 Number of Children
Annual Cost
Monthly Cost
1 Child
$1,140.00 (Aug-May)
2 Children
$2,105.00 (Aug-May)

In addition to the regular tuition, the following requirements must be met:

  • Each family is expected to purchase SCRIP, which can be purchased via the brown envelope, before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or after Masses on Sundays.
  • Each family is required to contribute 40 hours (20 hours for single parent families) of service to St. Catherine School during the year. (See Financial Agreement for further information.) A list of activities that will fulfill this requirement is provided by P.T.G.
  • Each family is expected to contribute to the Annual Fund.
Full amount due June 15, 2016 (unless special arrangements are made with the principal) or 10 days after acceptance. Fees paid after June 1 without arrangements will incur an additional fee of $50. These fees are non-refundable.
Registration Fee (per child)
The Registration Fee covers items such as Student Accident Insurance, CTN, diocesan assessments, standardized testing and accreditation costs, as well as textbooks, instructional materials and supplies, emergency supplies and a portion of our technology costs.
Family Fee (per family)
This fee covers funds for PTG dues, Tuition Assistance Fund and playground supervision.

Science Camp:
Fifth grade students attend Science Camp each year. Last year’s cost was $280.00. This cost may go up slightly for next year. Please note this fee will be due December 1st.

Yosemite Trip:
Eighth grade students participate in a trip to the Yosemite Institute each year. Last year’s cost was $550.00. This cost may go up slightly for next year.

A fee of $100.00 is required of all 8th grade students. This fee covers the cost of diplomas, decorations, class composite, class retreat, and other special events for the graduates.