What’s New

What’s New for 17-18
St. Catherine School Annual Report
October 2017

  • With our 1:1 laptop program in place for grades 2-8, we are implementing even more blending learning for our students. This allows teachers to customize learning for each student.
  • Teachers attended training for the new next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) over the summer. This year those standards will be implemented in all the grades using classroom resources and the STEM Lab.
  • We’ve expanded our after school robotics programs to include Elementary School teams.
Students at Robotics CompetitionStudents using Chromebooks

In Process for This Year

  • Stage 2 for the STEM Lab – adding a new sink area with eye wash station and additional storage
  • Upgrade of our School’s phone system
  • Applying for California and Federal Green Ribbon School Award
  • Replace our aging Smart Boards with Promethean Interactive Monitors